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You know that to succeed in business,

you need to invest in your health and wellbeing to handle the workload and stresses of the 21st century. By investing in your health and wellbeing – and those of the people who work for you – you invest in the wealth of your business and the health of the economy as a whole.

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At MindSteadyGo we help

you boost your wellbeing

by delivering unique retreats and wellness programs that equip you to be more resilient in competitive environments and more adept at recharging energy levels and managing stress.

Rather than focussing solely on the mind, at MindSteadyGo we incorporate the intelligence of the body for a complete mind-body upgrade so you can work at your optimum every day.

Mind Body Breath

Step away from the stresses of your professional or personal life and find space in a holistic way that considers both mental and physical wellbeing. Norfolk is the ultimate retreat location with expansive skies, wild beaches and picturesque coastal villages. 

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Outdoor Yoga: Four Fantastic Benefits of Practising Outdoors

Why does outdoor yoga support wellbeing? There are four major reasons to take your yoga practice outdoors: Bringing playfulness and lightness into your yoga practice Broadening your perspective and improving your focus Feeling more grounded in a natural environment Saluting the sun under the big open sky.   Bringing playfulness and lightness into your yoga practice As soon as I…
August 4, 2022

Sketching My Journey

When I was 50, my last child of three set off for university and I wrapped up my 12-year business life in Beijing. I too set off. I downsized my work load so that I only needed to work a long morning online; the rest of the day I was free. For the first six months, I lived in a…
July 20, 2022
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