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To succeed in the

new world,

business leaders, managers and staff have to evolve the way they think. If you are trained to be fully present on the job, you will be more effective, you will make better decisions and you will work better with team members, customers and suppliers.

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At MindSteadyGo we help

you align personal culture

with company culture

by delivering unique corporate wellness programs based on mindfulness, emotional intelligence and physiological awareness. Aligning the mind, body and emotions of each individual in a corporation results in the synergistic interaction of team members.

Mind Body Breath

We would like to work with you to cultivate an environment that encourages engaged and productive team members working together harmoniously to deliver excellent service to your customers.


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Unsetting My Mind

This is a story about stones. One gratitude stone starts the tale. I gathered it from a Norfolk beach the day I ran away from London in March 2020. London locked down and I fled in a van. Although I drove the van forwards, I could see no way of moving forward in my life. I was driving away from…
June 15, 2021

Why I love sceptics

“What do you do?” people ask. “Put simply, I teach people to breathe better and stress less,” comes my reply. “Oh!” go the sceptics confidently, “Surely we all know how to breathe!” My challenge when I deliver a breathing workshop is that the room is mostly full of sceptics. This is sometimes verbally shared with me as attendees enter the…
March 8, 2020

Exercise for the desk-bound

Exercise for the desk-bound on National Fitness Day National Fitness Day today in the UK. People are joining in fitness activities all over the country. And you are? ………. Sitting at your desk! Want to take part in the day and contribute to your fitness? I’ve got your desk-bound body covered. Lungs. You can exercise your lungs. Here are three…
September 25, 2019
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