What happens in a Breathwork Session?

As part of my Breath Coaching training, I had to deliver 40 FREE breathwork sessions before being able to take my practical exam – which I’m happy to say I passed in September 2023. I learned so much during these free breath coaching sessions – I am very grateful to those who entrusted their breath, minds & bodies into my…

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Breath Coach: From Freediver to Breath Coach

Breath Coach – from freediving to coaching.   Ever thought diving deep underwater could teach business lessons?   Me neither, until… … I set off on a ‘breath quest’.   It was 2019 and I had just qualified as a yoga teacher on Koh Phangan in Thailand. During my time on the island, I had experienced the astounding power of…

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But who is Bridget?

  I love hearing people’s backstories. I love to ask people how and why they set up their business. The first tab I click on a website is the “About” section as I want to know who is behind a business. I want to know their story. So, here’s a bit of my backstory – from the scrappy 5-year-old above…

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