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Your Breath. Your Power. Your Success.

You breathe in and out about 20,000 times a day!

If you’re like most people, you probably pay little attention to how you breathe or how deeply it affects your physical, mental, and emotional state.

Did you know, that just by changing the way you breathe you can permanently clear unhelpful thought patterns and emotional baggage?

Imagine saying goodbye to stress, clearing out negative thoughts, and boosting your overall well-being – all through the power of your breath.

My breathing technique improved with each session and after the third I was breathing from my belly into my chest having released an emotional blockage that was previously there. Each time I found a rhythm of waves of breathing that led to a complete unawareness of time and space. I felt my body was floating in clouds and at peace.

After the healing period at the end, where Bridget plays relaxing music, I felt such a release – my mind was completely free. I felt rejuvenated and happy.
Retired Podiatrist

Why does the way you breathe reflect the way you live your life?

What’s happening in your life – or has happened – is reflected in your breathing habits. A life with high levels of stress or anxiety for example, produces dysfunctional breathing habits which affect your performance, chemistry, physiology and psychology.

Most people focus on fixing one stress-related symptom without addressing the underlying problems. This is not effective, as for many people, the underlying problem is often poor breathing habits.

How do you work with a Breath Coach?

Working with a breath coach means being willing to work on mind, body & breath – everything is connected in the most beautiful way – and the results are astounding.

What my clients find is that as you unravel the reasons behind your dysfunctional breathing habits, you simultaneously unwind the limiting beliefs in your mind. As you retrain your breathing habits back to a healthy pattern, your mental and emotional state stabilise and your outlook becomes more positive.

I gained an insight into my current breath patterns, and was tutored through ideas about how this could be improved. It helped me to set aims/goals for myself, which would positively benefit in my life, at this moment – one goal was finding space. Bridget helped me to work out ways in which I could practically seek more space in my life. It allowed me to let go of experiences that had affected me in the past, in a negative way, and move past them.

Yoga Teacher

What happens in a breath coaching session?

In your breath coaching session, you will practice a natural and safe technique that will bring lasting positive change into your life, and help you reach sustainable health and wellbeing. Conscious Connected Breathing combined with a life-coaching approach during one session or more, enables you to tap into the intelligence of your mind & body in the most effective way.

You will be guided to discover the power of your very own breath and how to unlock its immense potential.

What are the benefits of breath coaching?

Some of the known benefits of this kind of breathwork include:

  • Establishing a deeper connection with your inner self
  • Physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual transformation
  • Increased awareness, realizing potential, alignment, and fulfilment
  • Alleviating various conditions like panic attacks, anxiety, depression, stress, hypertension, attention issues, chronic pains, headaches, migraines, sleep problems, and more.
  • Building self-esteem, self-confidence and improved relationships
  • A healthy immune system, more energy, and inspiration
  • Developing skills to better cope with life’s challenges
  • Changes in habits and behaviours

I had no idea my breathing was shallow – or that I stopped breathing periodically.

In one session Bridget taught me a lot about my breathing – and also how to breathe in an alternative way which is more deeply. She also identified that I regularly stop breathing/hold my breath. Practising different breathing habits has helped my Pilates and swimming. Very grateful.


How does Breath Coaching work?

My main focus is to identify your own unique breathing pattern. That assessment forms the basis of and drives the coaching part of the session. As Breath Coaches, we are trained to interpret dysfunctional breathing patterns, and with our client’s input, we start to identify what outcomes the breathing habits are serving.

What does this mean for you? It means understanding why you breathe so shallowly, or control your exhale, or limit your intake of breath. You may be protecting yourself from feeling painful emotions – even from long ago, you may be stuck or you may be tentative about stepping into life fully.

By working on your dysfunctional breathing pattern and helping you retrain how you breathe, as Breath Coaches we support you to let go of long-held patterns in the body – be they emotional, physical or psychological. It is this ‘whole system’ coaching approach – uniting body, breath & mind – that allows for powerful shifts and breakthroughs.

How does Breath Coaching make you feel?

One of the immediate results of a breath coaching session is finding a sense of calm. Under my guidance, and using the Conscious Connected Breathing technique, you will start to release long-held suppressed emotions and/or tensions in the body. Clients have talked of feeling lighter, taller and freer after a session.

Finally, a Breath Coaching session allows you to reconnect to yourself, to release tension, sadness, frustration and find a sense of inner calm and relaxation that the body normally only achieves in sleep. It can be thought of as both an awakening and a reconnection to self that sets you on a sustainable path to wellbeing and fulfilment.

I really enjoyed the breathing session with Bridget, I didn’t really know what to expect but felt very safely guided by her before, during, and after the session. Her presence is very grounding. I found the breathwork easy once I got going and enjoyed feeling the energy moving through my body. The relaxation I felt after the session was definitely my favourite part. I would recommend a session with Bridget and look forward to the next one.

Marketing Consultant

How to work with Breath Coach Bridget Rooth?

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