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MindSteadyGo is a small, intimate yoga retreat centre based on the West Norfolk coast in the UK. We specialise in burnout prevention & recovery for professionals as well as offering wellness retreats.

With one-day, weekend and midweek yoga retreats delivered on a one-to-one or small group basis, MindSteadyGo has developed a unique range of yoga retreats and burnout prevention & recovery stays to support guests’ health and wellbeing.

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At MindSteadyGo, we help you boost your wellness by delivering yoga retreats that equip you to be more resilient in competitive environments, more adept at handling workplace stress and safeguarding your energy levels.

Rather than focussing solely on the mind, at MindSteadyGo we incorporate the intelligence of the body for a complete mind-body upgrade so you can work at your optimum every day.

Boost your wellness

Experience Norfolk Yoga Retreats

Norfolk is the ultimate location to experience yoga retreats, with big expansive skies, wild beaches and picturesque coastal villages. Nature plays a key role in helping guests destress and reconnect to the natural environment.

Just like at a yoga resort, in the warmer months, we take our guests to practice yoga  & meditation outdoors along the creek behind the dunes, nestled in the dunes, in the owner’s beach property garden and on the sea wall.

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Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreat centre open to all yoga levels

We cater to beginner and experienced yoga practitioners and welcome all on our yoga retreats & burnout recovery stays.

Step away from the stresses of your professional or personal life and find space in a holistic way that considers both mental and physical wellbeing.


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