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One-day Wellness Retreat Articles

How to Choose the Norfolk Yoga Retreat That’s Right for You

There is a Norfolk Yoga Retreat for everyone! MindSteadyGo offers a range of yoga retreats throughout the two main yoga retreat seasons (April - June & September - November). Below you’ll find one-day, weekend, and week-long yoga retreats as well as mid-week one-to-one stays aimed at helping people prevent or recover from burnout. Including: One-Day Wellness - Retreat Finding Space…
March 12, 2023

But who is Bridget?

Mini Bridget playing French elastic. DRC circa 1970   I love hearing people’s backstories. I love to ask people how and why they set up their business. The first tab I click on a website is the “About” section as I want to know who is behind a business. I want to know their story. So, here’s a bit of…
March 3, 2023

What do you eat on a yoga retreat?

"What do you eat on a yoga retreat?" That's a question I get asked often. It seems many people worry about what's on a yoga retreat menu! When I designed my yoga retreats, I knew I wanted food to be integral to the experience I offer my guests at my small retreat centre on the west coast of Norfolk. My…
February 13, 2023
Yoga retreat for two Articles

Five Reasons to Retreat with a Friend

Thinking about a retreat   Should you go on a retreat with a friend? Or put another way: To go solo or not to go solo? That is the great yoga retreat question. In this post, I weigh up the benefits of sharing a yoga retreat with a friend – and when I say friend – I’m using that term…
January 31, 2023

7 Acts of Self-Care to Reduce Stress & Free-up Time

Do you ever feel there are never enough hours in the day? The conundrum with time is that you need to invest time to gain time. “What?!” – I hear you say! Let me explain… I’m convinced the more we have stress in our life, the less we are able to use time wisely. Anxiety takes up a huge amount…
December 18, 2022

DIY Wellness Retreat to Find Calm & Headspace at Home

A self-led DIY wellness retreat is a restful, reflective, restorative experience … but how on earth do you organise a retreat without someone to guide you? This is the idea behind this simple DIY Wellness Retreat Kit. It gives you a structure, retreat content and guidance on how to design a wellness retreat at home to give you headspace and…
November 15, 2022

Comfort Food to Boost Your Energy on a Cold Winter Evening

Chipotle Bean and Root Vegetable Chilli made in the slow cooker   Vegetarian, vegan & gluten free *Serves 4 to 6 people   Ingredients: 2 tins of tomatoes 2 tins of beans of some kind (black, black-eyed, kidney, mixed beans) 3 root veggies of your choice (carrot, parsnip, sweet potato, potato) 1 red onion 1 green or red pepper 3…
November 1, 2022
Yoga-retreat Articles

The Top Five Questions Guests Ask Before Booking a Yoga Retreat

Bridge Rooth - MindSteadyGo Founder   Everyone has questions before booking a yoga retreat. Especially if you are about to sign up for your first yoga retreat. Here are the top five themes around which guests ask me questions before booking my Finding Space yoga retreat.   What level of yoga do you need to go on a yoga retreat?…
October 29, 2022
Mindful cooking Articles

Mastering Mindful Cooking to Manage Anxiety and Build Confidence

Mindful cooking - before even considering bringing mindfulness into the kitchen, let’s just make sure we all understand what the concept means. I love this explanation of ‘mindfulness’ written by Pema Chodron, American Tibetan Buddhist, ordained nun and author. It’s simple to understand: I think a kitchen awakens the senses and helps a person to be wakeful there. In your…
October 23, 2022
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