Stress Management Course

Mind Your Stress

The Stress Management Course is a one-to-one stress-management training program aimed at executives, managers and business owners whose levels of stress are affecting their work and home life. Living with high levels of anxiety derails your business and life goals by impacting your engagement, productivity and relationships.

This stress management training program, tailored to your particular stress patterns, equips you with a range of tools and techniques to manage your stress so you can thrive, prosper and reach your goals.


This Stress Management Course is for you if …

  • You are fed up of being hijacked by the stress in your life and you want to REVERSE that situation
  • You may be feeling depleted, irritable, in pain, tense, sleep deprived, disengaged, apathetic etc. (signs of stress & early burnout)
  • You are looking for a professional to nurture and guide you back to a life where you are in control
  • You want to work one-to-one to co-create a tailored stress management training program
  • You want to work with someone who is experienced at running stress management retreats.
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What does the Stress Management Course include?

Healing with nature

The retreat is a time to reconnect to nature with wetland & beach walks, breathwalks along the tidal creek, time in the forest at the Sandringham estate as well as quiet times in Bridget’s garden.

Nurturing with good food

Learning to feed yourself is a key part of self-care. Locally sourced ingredients are freshly prepared into healthy vegetarian-friendly dishes and shared around Bridget’s vibrant table.

Stress Managment

Stretching to release tension

By learning to release tension from the body and calm the nervous system you disrupt your stress response. Explore a range of destressing techniques including desk-bound targeted stretches, relaxation poses and yoga sequences.


Breathing to disrupt stress

By learning to use the breath as a tool you can manage your emotional state and the way you think. Practice a range of breathing techniques to destress and calm as well as to find focus and clarity in times of stress.


Being in the present moment

By developing self-awareness, you become more centred and fully present in your business. Explore a range of mindfulness techniques to help you disrupt anxiety loops and live in the present moment.


Relaxing for optimum performance

Quality sleep and relaxation is essential for optimum performance and concentration. Master the ‘relaxation response’ and explore pre-sleep routines that set you up for a good night’s sleep and a refreshed start to your day.

Imagine how it would feel to:

  • Know how to disrupt your stress response so it doesn’t continue to hijack your body, mind & emotions,
  • Master tools & techniques to build calm, headspace and resilience into our work day,
  • Manage your working life with advanced breathing techniques to retrain poor breathing habits to reduce stress,
  • Co-design a bespoke wellness plan & personalised yoga & stretching sequence to mitigate future stress overwhelm,
  • Test how to nurture your mind, body, breath connection to consciously tap into its power,
  • Control your negative mind, break anxiety loops and be present – even in stressful times.
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Where does the Stress Management Retreat take place?

One of the most effective ways to break your stress cycle is to remove yourself from your stressful environments – both personal and professional.

The core part of the Stress Management Course takes place over two residential days (with two nights). There is an option to book another night and ‘practice day’ to help you embed the new practices and techniques you will take home with you.

The stress management training program takes place at a small retreat centre in Heacham – a village by the sea on the west Norfolk coast, England. The retreat centre has a yoga studio and you’ll also enjoy outdoor sessions at the nearby beach and along tidal creek. You can also opt to stay in a lovely hotel in the village.

Heacham village is three hours from London by car, or come by train from Kings Cross in under two hours for collection at King’s Lynn station.

Norfolk yoga retreats
Yoga retreat for two


Stay with Bridget in the retreat centre.

Stay in the master bedroom in Bridget’s home. This is a large east-facing bright room with views of the garden & an ensuite bathroom. Staying in the retreat centre offers a nurturing, calm environment where you are cared for as you develop and design your own self-care plan. You’ll enjoy freshly cooked meals – as well as being invited to join Bridget in the kitchen as she prepares nourishing food – time by the fireside and breaks in the calming garden.

Stay at Heacham Manor hotel

This lovely hotel is set in charming, well-tended grounds with views stretching across the golf course down towards Heacham North Beach. The hotel boasts a range of rooms, some in the beautifully converted manor house and some in a new complex. Breakfast is served in the hotel’s Mulberry Restaurant. Heacham Manor Hotel is a five-minute drive to the retreat centre which lies at the heart of Heacham village.


Mind Your Stress program

Corporate Offer

£ 1,395

2-day residential training + one month virtual support
Additional residential practice day: £600

Individual Offer

£ 995

2-day residential training + one month virtual support
Additional residential practice day: £450

How to book your Stress Management Course

Book a call with me so we can discuss your stress management needs and assess whether the Mind Your Stress program is a good fit for your situation. We can also check our diaries to find a time that fits your schedule.

If your organisation is paying for your training, please download a Mind Your Stress Application Kit to help you request funding from your HR department.

What clients are saying …

“This was a very welcoming retreat, which combined yoga, practising stillness and silence, enjoying good food and spending lots of time outdoors. Bridget was very good at looking after her guests. I felt very nurtured in lots of different ways, not least by the amazing food. This is a small retreat, and to my mind all the better for it. Bridget is very receptive to exchanging ideas and thoughts, and it was great to have the space to think, reflect and take stock.”

KathrynProfessional Support Lawyer

“I booked this trip using my company's wellness budget. It was a fantastic way to take advantage of this allowance and Bridget was able to accommodate with an agenda that met their requirements both in practice and on paper. I enjoyed the yoga, the schedule and the other activities. Walks on the beach, mindfullness and exploring space. I definitely recommend and I expect I will attend a future retreat as well.”


“While the host and the food were exemplary, the real take away from the retreat was the feeling of calm and new found control. Bridget with subtle inputs, encourages you to find your own space mentally, even without thinking about it. The breathing workshop adds further to the feeling of self confidence and empowerment, providing many tools to set you on the path to achieve that inner peace we all look for.”

ChrisOil Industry worker

“Had the most wonderful retreat with Bridget. I cannot recommend the retreat enough. If you want to get some headspace, yoga, cycling around Heacham and some delicious food, no need to look any further. Thank you Bridget for a wonderful weekend.”

SamClinic Director

“A wonderfully nurturing weekend! It really deepened my understanding of breath work and got me in touch with areas of my body that have been laying dormant for a while. I specifically loved the homely, welcoming, inclusive feel of the retreat ~ I was at ease straight away. The combination of tailored Yoga, breath work learning, nature (a lovely afternoon enjoyed on the beach) and delicious home cooked food make it a very unique and magical space. ”


“From the off Bridget made me feel welcome and relaxed. Delicious home cooked food prepared with love, a beautiful house in a wonderful setting. The breath work and yoga classes are tailored, helping me discover more about myself and taught me methods to progress my practise. I have come away from the retreat armed with new skills, a refreshed mind and body, and having made amazing connections. Bridget is a goddess and I highly recommend her retreats to anyone, whatever level of yoga.”

ClareMarketing manager

“Lovely informative yoga and breathwork "Finding Space" retreat in friendly, cosy surroundings next to the sea. Bridget was able to teach us lots of new skills in short time and we had lots of fun along the way . Bridget taught us new practical breathwork skills to take home and incorporate into everyday life that are actually doable. Bridget is a great host and very knowledgeable in her field of breathwork.”

JosieGP practice nurse

“A truly nourishing and restorative time for body and mind at this yoga retreat. Wonderfully wholesome meals interspersed between yoga sessions in a picturesque Norfolk village with coastal rambles, cosy fires and Bridget's beautiful grounding company and guidance.”

JoAir hostess

“I have just returned from my New Year’s retreat with Bridget. This is my second retreat with her, I came to the Finding Space retreat in Nov ‘20. After every visit, I leave feeling re-energised. Bridget has an incredible capacity to make you feel welcome in her home through her nourishing food, involving you in her kitchen or listening to what you want to share. The yoga and breath work has given me a new year boost. ”

VanessaCorporate Trainer

“I absolutely loved my mini retreat away in Heacham, Norfolk. 48 hours to focus on breathing, walking in nature and of course yoga! It’s been nearly two years since I retreated and so long overdue. Just having some space to “BE” for a bit, being nurtured through amazing food in someone’s home, connecting with other women, holding space for one another, reconnecting with ourselves and road-mapping our futures together was wonderful.”


“I have just returned after a wonderful weekend of yoga, nature, and breath work with Bridget and highly recommend her retreat for anyone looking to realign themselves and meet lovely people at the same time. I learned so much from my experience and look forward to integrating everything into my day-to-day life. I definitely hope to return!”

QuentinGraphic Designer

“A really wonderful weekend with a great mix of different yoga sequences, reflective workshops and time to enjoy the local surroundings. Fantastic food, very comfortable home and a relaxed feel throughout the experience. I'd absolutely recommend it, thank you Bridget!”


“I was very nervous as this was my first time ever on a solo break. Bridget was so welcoming, as soon as I walked in her home, I felt at home. The yoga sessions were very informative & also designed for the individual. The homemade food was hearty, healthy & filling, and with food allergies, nothing was a struggle for Bridget. The bedroom I had was amazing! Very comfy. I loved being able to sit & read on the sofa next to the window. Heacham is a beautiful village & the beach is very large & peaceful.”

LouiseElectrical Services Business owner

“From the moment that Bridget opened the door with a beaming smile, I felt safe and in good hands.
The yoga classes were exactly what I needed and the breathing classes were new to me and I found them very useful.
The retreat is in a lovely quiet part of the country and the peace and quiet was refreshing.”

PaulConstruction Site Manager

“Having never done a yoga retreat wasn't sure what to expect but this was certainly a 'good' experience. Learnt a lot....particularly about 'breathing' and given me a way forward with breathing more effectively. Also the yoga instructions taught me things I certainly hadn't learnt before and given me the 'determination' to do regular practice. The nature and walking side was also such a bonus and made the weekend even more rounded. The food was also really really good. Bridget is a lovely warm person and her home is very welcoming. Being such a small retreat was also a real bonus and particularly in these times I felt comfortable and 'safe'.”

NicolaIT consultant

“I liked being in a small group and being able to get to know everyone. I liked the flexibility. I liked the balance between structure and free time. I liked the relaxed evenings in front of the fire. The food was fabulous. We would definitely go again.”

AnnieOccupational Therapist & Councillor

“Bridget meticulously prepared and executed the course with great consideration for my needs. The course balanced yoga practice with learning a range of breathing techniques and the solitary beach walk provided time to reflect and refresh. Bridget is also a great listener and a brilliant cook. A fabulous experience!”

ElaineInsurance Broker

Why work with me?

Hi there, I’m Bridget.

My two loves are business & wellness.

I came close to a burnout when I ran my own company in Beijing, China for over a decade while bringing up my three children. I experienced the destructive impact of stress on professional & home life – so I empathise with your situation.

The Mind Your Stress program allows me to support my clients by doing all the things I love: hosting & feeding people in my home, sharing a more holistic, body-led way to manage stress, & exploring how nature can nurture people’s wellbeing.

Still not sure it’s possible to manage your stress? I invite you to book a 15-minute session with me and I’ll bring you some instant stress relief.

Come join me on this Stress Management Retreat – you’ll leave a different person!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book a call with you?

Stress Management Course

What happens during a Stress Relief Session?

You are invited to bring your stress to the session and I support you to find calm & clarity. The call is also your opportunity to explore whether further work with me could help you find a long-term solution to managing & mitigating your stress by coming on the Stress Management Course I offer.

When do you run the program?

I run the program to suit your dates – we look at our calendars together and find 2-3 days where you are free. Can be week days, can be weekends. 

What about Covid? What safety measures do you have in place for my stay?

I have been running stress management retreats since the last lockdown lifted and meet all the regulations stipulated by the government. The house is open plan downstairs and I keep it well ventilated. The yoga room has a door and we practice with the window slightly open or we practice outside in the garden.

When is your payment policy and do you give refunds in relation to cancellations due to Covid?

Payment is 50% upfront and 50% one month before arrival. If you have to cancel due to Covid, you are invited to rebook on another date. If that is not possible, a 10% fee is held to cover admin costs and the remainder is fully reimbursed.

What if I need support getting my stress management training sponsored by my organisation?

If you are eligible to access your organisation’s training budget, you can sign up here to receive your Mind Your Stress Application Kit. It includes all the documents you need to ask for funding from your management and/or HR department.

How do I keep calm when I return to my stressful environment?

During the stress management retreat, you are building a skillset that will have a long-lasting effect in your life – both business and personal. You will benefit from the skillset as long as you keep practising & adapting it to your needs. The real transformation is in realising that the stress doesn’t go away; your reaction and attitude towards it changes.

How do I sustain the practices when I go back to the real world?

The stress management course includes one month’s virtual support. This includes bi-weekly one-hour calls which can be used as yoga/breathing/stretching sessions or as calls to support and track your progress. You can extend the virtual support for as long as you need it.

What is Bridget’s mission with her stress-related work and this course?

Bridget is on a mission to offer one of the best stress management courses in the UK. Rather than offer the traditional stress management course in a corporate training setting, Bridget believes that what business people with stress overwhelm need is a more natural, nurturing environment where they can reset, refresh and return to their lives with a doable stress management plan.

What makes Bridget different from other yoga or breath coaches?

I don’t define myself as a yoga teacher. I am a business woman whose entrepreneurial energy has been redirected from the language to the wellness industry. I wanted to move from working with documents to working with people, and to share a wellness skillset I had been developing for my own needs during my career.

What certifications does Bridget hold?

As well as doing two certificate courses in yoga (200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Course + 50 hr Yoga for Kids Training Course), Bridget has completed a stress certified course in meditation with the British Mindfulness Institute as well as being certified as a Positive Neuroplasticity Coach. Furthermore, Bridget is registered with CIMPSA in the UK and insured by UK Coaching.