Why us

Our programs include the physical body and approach wellness from a holistic viewpoint.

Integrating the mind and body is a more powerful way to develop self awareness, emotional intelligence and initiate change within an individual. Training individuals of a business how to gain awareness of the bodily sensations (interoception) associated with emotions, such as stress or anxiety, combined with mindfulness is our competitive advantage.

Meet our founder

What drives us

MindSteadyGo was created out of a quest to find a more balanced way to live life after surviving some very stressful industries and business positions.


MindSteadyGo combines the founder’s two loves – business and wellness. Better businesses create a better world, healthier businesses create a healthier world, empathetic businesses create a more empathetic world – something we want for ourselves and future generations.

Bridget Rooth

Founder & Director

Bridget is an internationally educated Brit with an entrepreneurial mindset and a unique set of communication and training skills. Bridget has worked in many countries, including 12-year stints in both France and China.

Beijing put an end to Bridget finding fitness and fun in outdoor activities. Air pollution and busy streets pushed her into a gym where she discovered yoga – a practice in which she found both fitness and mental freedom. She would go on to study yoga in India, Thailand and Indonesia, qualifying as a yoga teacher in 2018.

Bridget was part of a thriving business community in Beijing where she set up her own editing and translation business. She also developed and delivered LinkedIn workshops in both professional and academic spheres, and offered one-to-one LinkedIn sessions with executives navigating the challenges of career change.

On leaving Beijing, Bridget pushed her business online and set off to seek her own career change. In four years of travel, across four continents and 15 countries, she realised that she had removed stress from her life but also the excitement of business. Founding MindSteadyGo is her way of helping other people, particularly business people, find wellness in life and in their work environment.

Bridget is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher; she has completed the British Mindfulness Institute’s NHS-approved course on Mindfulness and Meditation; has attended various courses on breathing as well as being certified as a free diver. Bridget designs and delivers workshops in organisations as well as running retreats around the globe.

Our Partners

Emma Ferris

Wellness Architect

Emma Ferris is the trailblazer behind The Breath Effect. She is a wellness architect, a breath geek and someone who is truly, madly, deeply committed to teaching the world to breathe effectively. Emma is the creator of The Big Exhale breathing course, a public speaker, an acupuncturist, a Pilates instructor and a registered physiotherapist with over 14 years’ clinical experience. Whether in her clinic or through her online courses, Emma’s straightforward, yet empathetic approach has seen her help people around the globe realise the power of effective breathing.

The Big Exhale Course

Her 30-day online course, The Big Exhale, gives you the opportunity to retrain your system, so you can take the most out of each breath. From your brain all the way through to your stress hormones, breath is the foundation of wellbeing, and with a solid foundation in place, everything else works better.

Robert Brown

Facilitator & Founder of Team UP 4U

“Game is a moment of absolute magic: you enter a dimension, almost esoteric and spiritual, where you somehow lose the notion of time. You forget your adult self to re-encounter your child self.“

Robert Brown

Team UP 4U

Robert is a Crafter of Games and meaningful adventures, he designs transformational team-building seminars and events to remodel team purpose and improve communication skills.

Robert has 21 years of experience designing team building events in his homeland of Spain as well as across Europe and in Thailand, for companies such as Continental, Microsoft, Leroy Merlin, Ericsson, Carrefour, Aena, Oberthur, Ikea, Volvo, Aena, La Caixa Bank, among many other companies.

He uses a creative and powerful experiential learning approach, designing ad-hoc, team building seminars with challenging fun games and initiatives, combined with powerful tools, such as 360º feedback or DISC assessments. Through his facilitation, teams are given powerful insights which enable them to define with clarity and purpose their values and mission and communicate with more clarity and ease.

Robert works by empowering communication from a “non–violent” perspective bringing teams to a high state of connection and motivation, eliminating many of the barriers, judgments and misconceptions that are so common.

A Crafter of Games and meaningful adventures, a Certified Facilitator by Project Adventure Inc, USA, a Certified Coach by Universidad Francisco Victoria in Madrid and an Ashtanga Ayurveda Yoga teacher certified by the Federation of Holistic Therapists in India, Robert brings a wealth of training design and facilitation experience to his work with clients.