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Mind Your Stress is a one-to-one stress-management training program aimed at executives, managers and business owners whose levels of stress are affecting their work and home life. Living with high levels of anxiety derails your business and life goals by impacting your engagement, productivity and relationships.

This program, tailored to your particular stress patterns, equips you with a range of tools and techniques to manage your stress so you can thrive, prosper and reach your goals.

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It all starts with awareness

At the start of your Mind Your Stress training, you explore every facet of stress in your life:

  • What triggers your stress response?
  • What are your stress patterns?
  • How do you experience it physically & emotionally?
  • What is your mindset around stress?
  • How do you communicate about your stress?
  • How it is impacting your performance and goals?

Once we’ve established your Stress Map, we set about putting in place strategies to help you mitigate and manage the stress in your work and home life so you have the energy and headspace to live your life to the full, both professionally and personally.

The Mind Your Stress training includes:

Week 1
Breathing to manage emotions

By learning to use the breath as a tool you can manage your emotional state and the way you think. Practice a range of breathing techniques to destress and calm as well as to find focus and clarity in times of stress.

Week 3
Stretching to release tension

By learning to release tension from the body and calm the nervous system you disrupt your stress response. Explore a range of destressing techniques including desk-bound targeted stretches, relaxation poses and yoga sequences.

Week 8
Enhancing cognitive performance

By practising heart rate variability (HRV) you benefit your physical health, emotional wellbeing and cognitive performance such as focus and concentration. Adopt this simple practice to unleash a big impact!

Being in the present moment to disrupt stress

By developing self-awareness, you become more centred and fully present in your business. Explore a range of mindfulness techniques to help you disrupt anxiety loops and live in the present moment.

Writing to reconnect

Narrative and drawing practice are used to guide expression around your professional and family life. Reassess your path and priorities to nurture reconnection with your inner self and life goals.

Relaxing for optimum performance

Quality sleep and relaxation is essential for optimum performance and concentration. Master the ‘relaxation response’ and explore pre-sleep routines that set you up for a good night’s sleep and a refreshed start to your day.

Imagine how it would feel to:

  • Know how to disrupt your stress response so it doesn’t continue to hijack your body, mind & emotions,
  • Master tools & techniques to build calm, headspace and resilience into our work day,
  • Explore how to retrain your breathing for optimum effectiveness & energy,
  • Co-design a bespoke wellness plan & personalised yoga & stretching sequence to mitigate future stress overwhelm,
  • Test how to nurture your mind, body, breath connection to consciously tap into its power,
  • Control your negative mind, break anxiety loops and be present – even in stressful times.
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Where does the training take place?

One of the most effective ways to break your stress cycle is to remove yourself from your stressful environments – both personal and professional.

You’ll receive your Mind Your Stress training in a small village by the sea on the west Norfolk coast, England. You’ll stay in Bridget’s house (a registered B&B with a five-star rated kitchen), enjoy sessions in her training studio, eat healthy home-cooked food at her table and enjoy some nature therapy along the beach and tidal creek.

Heacham village is 3 hours from London by car, or come by train from Kings Cross in under two hours for collection at King’s Lynn station.

The core part of the Mind Your Stress training takes place over 3 residential days (with two nights). There is an option to book another night and ‘practice day’ to help you embed the new practices and techniques you will take home with you.

Ongoing virtual support is offered for a month following the residential training, which includes bi-weekly sessions. These one-hour sessions are designed to support you as you learn to manage your stress. They can be used as yoga/stretching/breathing sessions or as calls to track and share your progress – or both. Continued virtual support can be arranged if desired.


Since we’ll be working closely for three days, I’d like to have a discovery call with you first to see if we are a good fit and how I can support you.

Mind Your Stress program

£ 1,750

3-day residential training + one month virtual support
Additional residential practice day: £550

Download your Mind Your Stress Application Kit to help you request training funding from your HR department.

Why work with me?

Hi there, I’m Bridget.

My two loves are business & wellness. When you work with me you benefit from my expertise & experience in both these fields.

I came close to a burnout when I ran my own company in Beijing, China for over a decade while bringing up my three children. I experienced the destructive impact of stress on professional & home life – so I empathise with your situation.

I’m proud of the Mind Your Stress program; my goal is to offer a more body-led, holistic, nurturing approach to managing & freeing you from stress.

What clients are saying …

Bridget, with subtle inputs, encourages you to find your own space mentally, even without thinking about it. The breathing training adds further to the feeling of self confidence and empowerment, providing many tools to set you on the path to achieve that inner peace we all look for.

ChrisOil industry engineer

Bridget puts a great deal of effort into meeting clients' needs. She genuinely cares about ensuring that the client has a very positive and fulfilling time by ensuring that you are getting what you need. I loved the yoga and the breathing workshop is absolutely fantastic.

SandraBrand Consultant

The Mind Your Stress program is for you if …

  • You are feeling one or several of the following: depleted, irritable, in pain, tense, sleep deprived, disengaged, apathetic & cynical (signs of stress & early burnout)
  • You want to work one-to-one to co-create a tailored stress-busting program.
  • You are ready to take action!
  • You are prepared to adopt new practices to manage your stress & you understand it starts with YOU.
  • You want to work with someone who has experienced the stresses of corporate, entrepreneurial & family life.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I click “Book my call”?

What happens during a discovery call?

I ask you to fill in a form before the call so I have a picture of how stress is affecting your life. We use the call to see how – and whether – the Mind Your Stress program could support you to get the transformation you are seeking. The call is also your opportunity to ask me anything about the program and my work.

When do you run the program?

I run the program during the week, generally from Monday to Wednesday, with the possibility to add an extra ‘Practice Day’ on the Thursday.

What if I need support getting my training sponsored by my organisation?

If you are eligible to access your organisation’s training budget, you can sign up here to receive your Mind Your Stress Application Kit. It includes all the documents you need to ask for funding from your management and/or HR department.

How do I keep calm when I return to my stressful environment?

During the program, you are building a skillset that will have a long-lasting effect in your life – both business and personal. You will benefit from the skillset as long as you keep practising & adapting it to your needs. The real transformation is in realising that the stress doesn’t go away; your reaction and attitude towards it changes.

How do I sustain the practices when I go back to the real world?

The program includes one month’s virtual support. This includes bi-weekly one-hour calls which can be used as yoga/breathing/stretching sessions or as calls to support and track your progress. You can extend the virtual support for as long as you need it.

What makes Bridget different from other yoga or breath coaches?

I don’t define myself as a yoga teacher or breath coach. I am a business woman whose entrepreneurial energy has been redirected from the language to the wellness industry. I wanted to move from working with documents to working with people, and to share a wellness skillset I had been developing for my own needs during my career.