Mind Your


Mind Your Business is an 8-week corporate wellness program we have been refining over a number of years. There is some flexibility to adjust the core program for company specific requests. We will meet with your team to evaluate your needs and tailor the program accordingly.

Mind your business

Healthy mind, healthy business

We meet once per week for 3 hours with home practices between sessions. A workbook is included. Each session begins with a 90-minute discussion on a specific topic followed by a 1-hour therapeutic yoga practice applying the theory and ends with 30 minutes of deep relaxation.

Behaviour modification takes time and sensitivity. This program is unique in its ability to meet participants at their own level while raising the overall average level of productivity. The length of the program is designed to build momentum over the eight-week period, enabling participants to embed their new habits and mindful working practices.

Our 8-week program includes:

Week 1

Week 1

Mindfulness of breathing

Learn the theory and practice of emotion regulation by using the breath as a business tool. Efficient breathing is a valuable skill for staying calm and focused under pressure.

Week 2

Week 2

Mindfulness of digestion

Approximately 90% of the ‘feel good drug’ serotonin and 50% of the ‘motivation’ drug dopamine is produced in the gut. It is good business to ensure this powerhouse operates efficiently.

Week 3

Week 3

Mindful stress reduction

Managing ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress is imperative business training for high performing organisations. Increase resilience, improve team relationships and decrease absenteeism.

Week 4

Mindful thought management

Self-aware and centred people that are fully present on the job build better businesses. They are more creative, flexible and disciplined which increases effectiveness.

Week 5

Mindful emotion regulation

Training in emotion regulation is a risk management strategy that brings a sense of stability and focus to the organisation. It helps to attract and retain great talent.

Week 6

Mindful relationships

Relationship skills are essential to establish lasting connections with your clients, suppliers and stakeholders. The quality of these interactions feeds directly into company morale.

Week 7

Keeping sleep in mind

Quality sleep and relaxation is essential for safe performance, fast reaction times and concentration. Leave work at the office and activate the ‘relaxation response’ for a competitive edge.

Week 8

Week 8

Achieving the flow state

Flow is when people feel in command of what they do, execute tasks effortlessly, and perform at their best. Integration of the previous seven weeks provides the framework for this state.

This program is a corporate workout. It is no longer enough to simply turn a profit for your company. To gain a competitive advantage, smart companies need to help their knowledge workers become more focused, engaged and healthy.