Mind Your Breath

Mind Your Breath is an interactive workshop that teaches people how to breathe – the right way. Dysfunctional breathing can disrupt the balance of the body and lead to a variety of negative psychological, neurological and biomechanical problems. With the correct guidance, we can retrain the way we breathe and learn how to use our breathing as a tool to manage stress and to induce a state of relaxation during our down time.


Breathe better, stress less

In this workshop, we learn how the body was designed to breathe and how our modern 21st Century life and millennia-old brain have led us into bad breathing habits. We examine the breath-body-brain connection by revisiting the anatomy of breathing and the autonomic nervous system. We look at what happens when the wrong breathing muscles have been mobilised and how that leads to a build-up of tension and pain in the body.

This workshop reconnects people with their body and their breathing. In it they learn how to regulate their emotions and stress levels through breathing: A tool that is free, always accessible, inexhaustible and easy to use.

Program content


By learning to use the breath as a tool you can manage your emotional state and the way you think. Efficient breathing is a major component of good health and an efficient way to stay calm and focused under pressure.

Stress Managment

Any business person aiming high is going to experience stress. Knowing the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress and how to manage these states is imperative business training for high-performing organisations.


Being aware and centred is a valuable business skill. We learn to master thought management with practical exercises to increase focus, be fully present on the job and increase effectiveness.

Mind Your Breath can be delivered in various ways

Mind Your Breath workshop

From a 90-minute workshop to a three-hour masterclass, our trainer tailors their intervention to suit your knowledge workers’ needs and schedule. Put your people in a meeting room or let us lead your whole team in an open-plan set-up and we’ll teach them how to breathe better and stress less.

Mind Your Breath – blended delivery

Rebalancing your breathing habits takes time and practice. After the workshop, we give your knowledge workers access to our partner’s 30-day online course: The Big Exhale. Designed and delivered by Physiotherapist and Breathing Coach Emma Ferris, in five minutes a day for 30 days, the course helps embed new breathing and exercise habits so your workers learn to master their stress levels and build a foundation of wellbeing.

Mind Your Breath + Mind Your Body

Add on a follow-up workshop after your knowledge workers have completed the 30-day The Big Exhale course. This builds accountability into our offer and provides an opportunity for a feedback session on progress. Mind Your Body takes a holistic view of the body and explores more deeply the breath-body-brain connection, the importance of sleep, and other aspects of wellbeing that contribute to nurturing more focused, engaged, healthy workers.

I took part with around 20 colleagues. We were a mixed bunch with many colleagues who
had never done yoga or meditation before, so breathing exercises were completely new to
them. Bridget explained the science behind breathing as well as was demonstrating
optimum ways to breathe and the bad habits most of us have got into! By learning to relax
through using breathing techniques, we were helped to discover the best way to breathe and get our bodies to relax and lower tension and anxiety. Everyone found the session very
enjoyable and interesting. Highly recommend!

Team Leader at Sky

I loved the way Bridget wasn’t scared to get into the details so that we could understand
why our bad breathing habits cause us so much stress. Her workshop was a good balance of
science + experiential learning. I now have a much clearer view of how I should be breathing
and I continue to practice the breathing exercises Bridget gave us. Interesting, fun and
immediately usable.

Agile Project Manager at Sky UK

Thoroughly recommend the ‘Breathe Better, Stress Less’ masterclass. I was surprised by how relaxed
I felt after the class and just how easy the techniques are to include in your everyday life. Bridget
managed to fuse the science of human body and mind with her knowledge and life experiences
perfectly to create this educational, yet mind cleansing class. Give it a go – your mind will thank you

Natasha, School Trust HR Manager