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Oxygenating Your Business Brain

"Focussed, sharp, clear thinking, creative." What am I describing? A successful entrepreneur? Correct - also the benefits of oxygenating your brain. Your most complex organ, the powerhouse of your nervous system, the brain consumes 20% of the body’s oxygen supply. Limit that supply and life quickly becomes unfocussed and foggy. Does that describe how you have been feeling during this…
May 10, 2021
autopilot Articles

Seven Signs You’re Stuck on Autopilot

Originally published on Maddyness UK   Have you ever driven or walked somewhere only to realise you can’t remember a single part of the journey? Or driven or cycled to the wrong destination and wondered what you’re doing there? When life is stressful, when you are juggling too much, when ‘busy-ness’ is your catchword, autopilot becomes your default setting. It’s…
January 15, 2021

Why I Love Sceptics in my Breathing Workshop

“What do you do?” people ask. “Put simply, I teach people to breathe better and stress less,” comes my reply. “Oh!” go the sceptics confidently, “Surely we all know how to breathe!” My challenge when I deliver a breathing workshop is that the room is mostly full of sceptics. This is sometimes verbally shared with me as attendees enter the…
March 8, 2020
exercise at your desk Articles

Exercise at your desk to boost focus

Exercise at your desk and boost your focus on National Fitness Day National Fitness Day today in the UK. People are joining in fitness activities all over the country. And you are? ………. Sitting at your desk! Want to take part in the day and contribute to your fitness? I’ve got your desk-bound body covered. Lungs. You can exercise your…
September 25, 2019

Sun Salutation: A Moving Meditation

A Salute to the Sun   The Sun Salutation is a sequence of yoga poses, generally practised in rounds of twelve, that is just what it says it is – a salute to the sun, a way of showing gratitude to our planet’s burning orb. It does not appear in the traditional Tibetan or Indian yogic writings; it is thought…
August 28, 2019
Inner critic Articles

Silencing your inner critic

How polished and wily are our inner critics? They are the public speakers we all wish we could be. Confident, charismatic, convincing. Their audience sits there in stunned silence - not a heckler in hearing. There’s no Q&A. There’s no discussion. They are never booed off the stage. Even though we’ve heard their opinion before, we let them take the…
July 22, 2019

Through the Body Door

An innovation to mindfulness programs is to introduce the ‘body door’ when the ‘mind door’ has been shut. This is a more comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing and much more effective.
April 24, 2019
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