About us

John Schluter and Bridget Rooth are the founders of MindSteadyGo.

Our business partnership started when we met on Koh Phangan Island, Thailand. A tropical paradise and amazing part of the world where visitors unplug from regular life, de-stress and recharge. Our mission to blend health and wealth led to the concept of bringing our previous business lives together with our new lives of integrated wellness.

About us

Why Choose Us

Most corporate mindfulness programs only focus on the mind and techniques to manage it. Our programs include the physical body and approach corporate wellness from a holistic viewpoint.

Integrating the mind and body is a more powerful way to develop self awareness, emotional intelligence and initiate change within an individual. Training individuals of a business how to gain awareness of the bodily sensations (interoception) associated with emotions, such as stress or anxiety, combined with mindfulness is our competitive advantage.


John Schluter

John Schluter - Wellness Consultant

John has lead a life of extraordinary transformation and learning from roles as diverse as special forces soldier, elected local government councillor, investment adviser to meditation and yoga teacher and wellness consultant. After majoring in finance at university and building a million dollar investment firm, John found himself in a deeply dissatisfied life situation. It took much soul searching before he sold everything and went in search of a better way to live.

John facilitates over 40 lectures, workshops and seminars per year on all aspects of wellness and the keys to living a happy, healthy and contented life. He has run programs throughout Australia, India and South East Asia.

John has studied Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Professionals, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, NLP as well as being qualified as a life coach, yoga and meditation teacher and trainer, yoga therapist and hypnotherapist.

Bridget Rooth

Bridget Rooth MindSteadyGo

Bridget is an internationally educated Brit with an entrepreneurial mindset and a unique set of communication and training skills. Bridget has worked in many countries, including 12-year stints in both France and China. In Beijing she set up a company to offer editing and writing services to businesses and academics wishing to share their ideas in English. She also developed and delivered LinkedIn workshops in both professional and academic spheres, and offered one-to-one LinkedIn sessions with executives navigating career change.

Bridget was part of a thriving business community in Beijing. She was president of Viva Women’s Professional Network, a member of the Beijing Entrepreneurs Group, and a regular speaker on her role as a female entrepreneur in China to visiting study groups.

It was in Beijing that Bridget’s interest in wellness started to evolve. Up until then, her concept of wellness meant seeking the thrills of competitive sport. Bridget had assiduously avoided yoga, a discipline she was sure she would find dull and boring. A scheduling error put her in a yoga class (instead of salsa) and proved her wrong! She was also introduced to Mindfulness in Beijing and has been developing a personal mindfulness and meditation practice for six years now.

Why we are doing this

We have both been in stressful business positions and industries, succeeded at them and realised there is more to life. Our search for ‘a better way to do business’ took us to many countries around the world. It is not about the extremes of lying in a hammock with a laptop or 15 hour days in the office. The middle path is the most intelligent and wise thing to do but we aren’t taught this at business school!

So, we combined the two loves we have – business and wellness. Better businesses create a better world, healthier businesses create a healthier world, empathetic businesses create a more empathetic world – something we want for ourselves and future generations.