DIY Wellness Retreat to Find Calm & Headspace at Home

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A self-led DIY wellness retreat is a restful, reflective, restorative experience … but how on earth do you organise a retreat without someone to guide you?

This is the idea behind this simple DIY Wellness Retreat Kit. It gives you a structure, retreat content and guidance on how to design a wellness retreat at home to give you headspace and a break from the busyness of your everyday life.



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DIY Wellness Retreat Kit

With this DIY Wellness Kit you are the master of your own retreat. With a bit of planning & preparation, you can ‘retreat’ for as little as an hour (or less) & as long as a day or more – your way of stepping away from the world.

This kit includes guidance on:


  • Retreat preparation
  • Intention setting
  • Opening & closing ceremonies
  • Retreat design
  • Retreat wrap-up & integration, and
  • Transition back to normal life.


In terms of how you fill your retreat time, the kit offers a ‘pick & mix’ of FREE resources, including:


  • Articles & reading prompts
  • Guided audio breath-work downloads
  • Guided meditations
  • Recorded yoga sequences & downloads
  • Writing activities
  • Music playlists
  • Activities in nature
  • Food & drink tips.

I hope this kit sparks a desire in you to design your own retreat so that you can create the restorative break you need.

Gift yourself some time and enjoy reconnecting to your inner self to find calm, clarity and curiosity.

Download Your DIY Wellness Retreat Kit here

DIY Wellness Retreat Kit

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