The Top Five Questions Guests Ask Before Booking a Yoga Retreat

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Bridge Rooth – MindSteadyGo Founder


Everyone has questions before booking a yoga retreat. Especially if you are about to sign up for your first yoga retreat.

Here are the top five themes around which guests ask me questions before booking my Finding Space yoga retreat.


What level of yoga do you need to go on a yoga retreat?


I’m a complete yoga beginner, can I join your yoga retreat?

The Finding Space retreat is ideal for beginners because the groups are small and intimate. There is plenty of room to get personalised attention and support if you are doing yoga for the first time.


Am I fit enough to practice yoga every day on a yoga retreat, I wonder?

All my guests are invited to go at their own pace and I adapt my classes to the guests and levels in the yoga room. I take great care to build in a sufficient warm-up at the beginning of the yoga class, combined with breathing techniques which warm the body (in some cases, from the inside out).


I’m in my sixties – is it okay to join a yoga retreat?

I have had many people join the yoga retreats in their sixties. If you are regularly active and can get up and down off a yoga mat easily – you can join.
This retreat is not suitable, however, for people who practice chair yoga

I would recommend this retreat to anyone ~ all levels of experience too! The combination of tailored yoga, breath work learning, nature and delicious home cooked food make it a very unique and magical space.

Hector, Musician



How do I get over my fear of going on a yoga retreat?


I’m very nervous about going on my first yoga retreat but I do need some headspace.

This is a comment I hear a lot, especially from guests who have either never been away alone or never been on a yoga retreat before. I felt the same before joining my first retreat many years ago.
Listen to your needs – body and mind – and then take your courage in both hands and book your retreat. It’s normal to feel nervous but a small retreat like this one is the perfect first retreat experience. You will thank yourself afterwards!


I am feeling a bit nervous – can you tell me how big your yoga retreat groups are?

The groups on the Finding Space retreat range from two people (most common) to four. I love running these small, intimate retreats because I like to interact with my guests on this smaller-scale level. You will feel nurtured and valued on this retreat as opposed to one among many on larger group retreats.


I’m quite a quiet person, will I have to share a lot of stuff about myself on a yoga retreat?

Not at all!

People are invited to share their situation, thoughts and feelings in the way that is best for them. I do ask my guests to set an intention at the retreat opening session and we then check back on that intention during the final wrap-up session. I totally understand, for some people, sharing is not what helps them ‘find space’ and I respect that.

I did not know what to expect, having not been on a retreat before, but it met my needs on every front: good company, nourishing home cooked food, time outdoors by the sea, yoga and a breathing workshop.

Kathryn, Professional Support Lawyer



Can you cater to my dietary needs on a yoga retreat?


There are some things I can’t eat – can you cater to my dietary needs?

As I cook everything from scratch, I have been adapting to my guests’ dietary needs since I launched the retreats in 2020. I have catered to various diets, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and guests with IBS and a range of food allergies.


Can I bring my own gluten-free products like bread & crackers?

And this is what I recommend my gluten-free guests do. That way they get to eat the gluten-free products they like and I keep flour and other gluten products out of the weekend’s menu.

Bridget was very good at looking after her guests. I felt very nurtured in lots of different ways, not least by the amazing food.

Louise, Electrical Company Owner

What is your yoga retreat payment & cancellation policy


If I can’t come on the date booked, can I use the money for a different retreat of yours?

I mainly ask my guests to rebook on another date if they can and there is no charge to change to a different weekend.


Is it possible to get an invoice/ receipt suitable to get reimbursement from my company?

I have provided invoices to many guests who are able to claim back the cost via their organisations CPD or Wellness budget. I’m happy to produce the invoice that meets your organisation’s needs.


What is your yoga retreat cancellation policy?

Cancellation more than two weeks of the retreat date is fully reimbursed. Cancellation within 14 days of the reserved retreat is reimbursed at 90%.
If you have to cancel due to Covid, I invite you to rebook when you have a positive test.


Do you have any lower rates for those on low income / key workers?

Not at the moment.
However, if you want to write in to me I may be able to offer you a room at short notice due to a cancellation. Contact me here to tell me about your situation and why you’d like to do a retreat.

I booked this trip using my company's wellness budget. It was a fantastic way to take advantage of this allowance and Bridget was able to accommodate with an agenda that met their requirements both in practice and on paper.

Noah, Programmer



Miscellaneous retreat questions


Do men attend your yoga retreats?


I’ve had many men come on the retreats. You can check out their testimonials on the Norfolk yoga retreats page.


What should I bring on my yoga retreat?

Once you have reserved your place by paying the retreat fee in full, I send you some Joining Instructions which include a full packing list and a link to a Guest Information Sheet where you tell me about your level of yoga, dietary requirements etc.


Do I have to share the bathroom with everyone on the retreat?

In the house, there is one large family bathroom, with a bath and shower. This is shared between my room and one of the guest rooms. The other guest room has its own en-suite bathroom.
There is also a toilet and washbasin downstairs.


Can I bring my cat or dog with me on the yoga retreat?

Sadly, no!
I keep the house animal free to respect those people who have allergies.

Just having some space to “BE” for a bit, being nurtured through amazing food in someone’s home, connecting with other guests, holding space for one another, reconnecting with ourselves and road-mapping our futures together was wonderful.

Lianna, Mid-wife

If you still have questions – or worries – before booking a yoga retreat with MindSteadyGo, then contact us through our contact page and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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