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Bridget Rooth talks to a range of other professionals – from voice and presentation coaches to her previous business coach, as well as presenters on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Bridget Rooth speaks with Nevsah, founder & CEO of BreathHub app

In this interview with Nevsah, BreathHub app founder, as well as discussing how to use breath to manage stress, we speak about burnout, the responsibilities of leaders and managers in building healthy workplaces and how a breathing practice of just five minutes a day will have a positive effect on your health and wellbeing.

Nevsah Fidan Karamehment is an entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a teacher and a public speaker. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of Breathing Sciences, and is recognised globally as an authority on dysfunctional breathing and thinking habits.

Check out the BreathHub app and their YouTube channel, where Nevsah has interviewed a wide range of breathworkers from around the globe.

Bridget Rooth on the Speaker Flow podcast

In this interview Taylorr Payne and Austin Grammon from Speaker Flow dive into my career in the language industry, especially my years’ working in China. We touch on my near burnout at the end of my 12-year working life in China and how I took a pivot into the wellbeing field to share my ‘stress management’ tool kit with my new clients.

Speaker Flow works specifically with speakers, coaches and consultants to help them leverage their expertise by putting in place systems so they can work in the ‘flow’ state as much as possible. They really have carved out their own little niche and their enthusiasm for tech, systems and their work is so refreshing.

Speaker Flow have a fabulous resource library where you can download resources to help you grow and systematise your expert business. Go take a look!

Interview released on 22nd November 2022

Listen to the podcast in these places:



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Bridget Rooth on BBC Radio Norfolk with Kayleigh Poacher

This interview took place during National Self-Care Week and the interview focusses on ‘self-care’: how to do it, why we’re so bad at doing it, ways to create self-care habits and why it’s important to listen to the signals our body sends us to ‘care’ for ourselves.

November 15th 2022


Bridget Rooth is interviewed by Jimmy Cannon Speaking Coach

In this wide-ranging interview we discuss some of my experiences as a conference interpreter. I share advice and tips on how to care for your audience – unlike some of the speakers whose tales I recount in the interview.

Jimmy Cannon is a friend and the most fabulous voice coach. He coaches face-to-face and online to help people communicate with confidence and clarity.

Contact Jimmy via his website – Jimmy Cannon Voice Coaching. 

He also has an amazing YouTube channel full of tips & tricks delivered in his upbeat, enthusiastic style. Check it out.

Bridget Rooth on BBC Radio Norfolk with Anna Perrot

An interview on World Breathing Day in which the first question was:

“How should we breathe?”

This interview covered a lot of information about breathing, but the interviewer also delves a bit into my background as a business woman in China and the impact Asia had on my beliefs.

April 11th 2022

Interview with Andrea Pacini on the Ideas on Stage Podcast

In this interview with public speaking coach Andrea Pacini we focus mainly on how to use breath to power your speech and keep your nerves under control before giving a talk.

Andrea Pacini is the founder of Ideas on Stage, a company that helps people give empowering presentations and organise dynamic, exciting events. He has lots of free materials and great articles on his site – go take a visit!


Interview with Maika Endo on the Business Clarity podcast

Maika Endo was my business coach for six months when I first launched my Norfolk yoga retreats.

In this podcast we talk about how I use a freebie download (Six Ways to Decrease Stress, Create Headspace & Reconnect to Self) to encourage people to sign up to my newsletter.

Maika is a fabulous coach and a friend of mine from our Beijing days. I would highly recommend her as a coach if you are looking for someone to help you put systems in place, create a work schedule, and help you take your business to the next level. I can recommend her free course called Focus & Flow. Maika specialises in working with people from the wellness industry. Reach out to her at Maika Endo Coaching.

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