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Stress resilience

‘Stress resilience’ refers to your natural ability to bounce back from stress or anxiety.

One of the issues around stress is that we tend to berate it, we stress about it!

We judge ourselves in terms of how we are coping with our stress management – and this makes us more stressed. Then we blame ourselves for not coping well and before we know it we have descended into a terrible spiral of self-blame and accusations.

And yet our stress response is part of our survival instinct; it is there to protect us.

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My experience in running stress management courses and yoga for relaxation and stress management retreats has led me to realise that often people don’t know how to improve their relationship with stress. They are desperate for change, but don’t see a path to better stress management.

I therefore developed this Stress Resilience Quiz to help my clients take steps to strengthen their wellbeing by revealing areas where they may be struggling or where they could incorporate new habits.

I believe strengthening stress resilience means working on your mind, body and breath connection as well as your relationship to food and nature.

The Stress Resilience Quiz will ask you questions in these five keys areas and will instantly produce your personalised results on screen and via email.

What people are saying about the Stress Resilience Quiz


I did the quiz and enjoyed it. I loved the feedback it gave me & it felt like it was putting me in the driving seat.

Jeannette Brennock, Hypnotherapist


The Stress Resilience Quiz is a great awareness tool with actionable tips to improve the way we deal with stress. I highly recommend taking it!

Amelie Papin, Mental Fitness Coach


Leave with some actionable stress management tips


After completing the quiz, along with your personalised score, you will be given actionable tips to help you boost your wellbeing.

If the quiz reveals areas where you have a low score, you will be directed to free resources where you can try new practices that will help you grow your stress resilience.

This is not a quiz to reveal whether you are stressed or not – you already know the answer to that. The point is to start building resilience so that next time life throws a curveball at you, you are better able to bounce back.

It’s a quiz that will highlight the areas where you need help in promoting your wellbeing and boosting your stress resilience skills. It’s about supporting you as discover a range of tools and techniques to manage your stress so you can thrive, prosper and reach your goals.

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