Finding Calm & Clarity with Breathwork

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Finding Calm & Clarity with Breathwork

Do you feel that you are constantly being hijacked by your body’s stress response?

Are you looking for tools to bring you back to a place of calm and clarity?

Breath is an amazing tool for calming the nervous system and refocussing your mind – this course teaches you five different ways to harness its power.

What the course gives you

  • Five different breathing techniques to help you destress, release tension, find calm & clarity and even fall asleep.
  • Explanation and guidance through each breathing technique so you understand the bio-mechanics of the practice.
  • Recorded audio guidance that can be used in a range of places from your desk chair, to the outdoors to your bed!

These breathing exercises have been recorded in a studio and include relaxing music to help you release any tension in your body.

Unlimited access to the course including being able to download the guided breathing recordings into your smartphone or tablet.

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