Voice & Breath Work Yoga Retreat in Cornwall

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In this era of online & offline meetings, presentations and pitches, being heard with your authentic voice is key to professional progress and validation.

This Voice & Breath Work Yoga Retreat, brought to you by a duo of trainers, takes you away from the stress of corporate life and into the beautiful Cornish countryside where you’ll work in a small group setting to harness the power of your breath and voice.

Who should join:

This training is aimed at people who:

  • wish to explore breath as a tool for wellbeing and stress management,
  • wish to explore their voice,
  • struggle to be heard,
  • struggle to be taken seriously,
  • struggle to prevent people talking over them,
  • struggle to air their views in professional or social settings with confidence.

What you’ll learn:

In the experienced hands of Voice Coach Jimmy Cannon and Breath Coach Bridget Rooth, you’ll discover the untapped power of your breath and how to leverage it to manage your stress & to speak confidently and effectively both at work and socially.

There are three core training sessions:

  1. “Breathe Better, Stress Less” with Bridget
  2. “Connecting your voice to the breath” with Jimmy
  3. “Cut through the crowd” with Jimmy.

This professional training is supported by daily yoga and breath work sessions, a breath walk and video sessions to track your progress.

Download the complete Retreat Programme.

Where you’ll stay:

South Torfrey Farm is a working family-run organic farm on the South Cornish coast. The farm is an idyllic venue from which to run this small-group retreat. The main accommodation is in a converted threshing barn. This is where meals and some of the sessions will take place. Guests can also stay in the Shepherd’s Hut or in the Pig House – both self-contained conversions with en-suite shower rooms.

There is a courtyard, plenty of green areas for outdoor yoga sessions and the surroundings are picturesque and peaceful.

What you’ll eat:

You’ll enjoy delicious home-cooked vegetarian meals served family-style in the Mulberry Lodge. The retreat is full board and includes three meals a day, plus healthy snacks and unlimited tea and coffee.

On the last night, the group will be taken to a local pub by Jimmy and Bridget, to enjoy some delicious Cornish food at the farewell dinner.


This retreat has been rescheduled for September 2022.

Please contact us if you’d like to be put on the early bird reservation list.


Single occupancy from

£ 835

per personPig House or Shepherd’s Hut

Single occupancy double room with shower room – £895

Mulberry Lodge

Single occupancy master room with en-suite – £835

Single occupancy twin room en-suite – £835

Shared occupancy from

£ 1450

per roomPig House or Shepherd’s Hut

Two person double room with shower – £1,490

Mulberry Lodge

Two people sharing master room with en-suite – £1,450

Shared twin room with en-suite – £1450

What our clients say about us:

Thoroughly recommend the ‘Breathe Better, Stress Less’ masterclass. I was surprised by how relaxed I felt after the class and just how easy the techniques are to include in your everyday life. Bridget managed to fuse the science of human body and mind with her knowledge and life experiences perfectly to create this educational, yet mind cleansing class. Give it a go – your mind will thank you.

NatashaSchool Trust HR Manager

If you listen to your staff in front of clients and feel they could present with more clarity, confidence and persuasion, then Jimmy's the person you need to reach out to. Don’t worry about an ROI, engaging Jimmy will pay you back in no time. The polish he'll add really delivers an unfair advantage! Jimmy’s work for my team (and for me!) has made such a difference that I feel compelled to share it with others.

Robert BerkeleyCEO at Express KCS

I absolutely loved my mini retreat away with Bridget. Forty-eight hours to focus on breathing, walking in nature and of course yoga! It’s been nearly two years since I retreated and so long overdue. Just having some space to “BE” for a bit, being nurtured through amazing food in someone’s home, connecting with other people, holding space for one another, reconnecting with ourselves was wonderful. I’ve known for a while that I’m on the right path, but it’s always good to remind myself of that! So when life becomes overwhelming, just remember to stop. And breathe.


Jimmy has always delivered excellent value. Many of our clients loved the focus on voice during our workshops: learning how they can change their voice and the effect it has on their communication made a huge impact on how they deliver their presentations.

Jimmy is not only very professional, but he is also a brilliantly funny trainer who knows how to own the room during a workshop.
At Ideas on Stage UK, we've selected Jimmy as our preferred partner for all things voice. I highly recommend him to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior professionals who need to use their voice to communicate their message more effectively.

Andrea PaciniIdeas on Stage

Bridget puts a great deal of effort into meeting clients needs from the retreat experience. She genuinely cares about ensuring that the client has a very positive and fulfilling time by ensuring that you are getting what you need. I loved the yoga and Bridget was great at making corrections and answering questions. The breathing workshop is absolutely fantastic, this was something I thought could make a big difference to my health and well being and I was right ! Bridget is great at explaining and demonstrating and gives useful handouts which you can keep to take home. Bridget is a really interesting and lovely lady, it was a fab retreat!

SandraBrand Consultant

Jimmy is a rare talent. generally the saying goes, if you can't do, teach. Jimmy is therefore someone who doesn't comply with this. He has amazing control over his voice and has the interpersonal skills and academic knowledge to be able to improve anyone lucky enough to be one of his students.

John LuntReal estate specialist at US Embassy

Meet your trainers:

Jimmy Cannon

Voice & Performance Coach

Jimmy is an accomplished singer, performer, Acceptance and Commitment Therapist and voice coach who helps professionals speak with more confidence, conviction and authenticity by managing their anxiety and exploring their vocal potential.

Drawing on his entertainment background with artists such as Sir Tom Jones and Roger Taylor from Queen, Jimmy recognises the need for people to develop a healthy, strong vocal technique to support their career goals. Professionally, people need to be able to hold an audience and sustain that engagement over a variety of communication channels such as conference calls, webinars and face-to-face events.

Bridget Rooth

Breath Coach & Yoga Teacher

Bridget has 20 years of yoga practice behind her, much of it acquired during the 15 years she lived in Asia. A certified free diver and something of a breath geek, Bridget always includes breath work in her retreats as she believes it is the missing piece to many people's wellbeing.
Bridget loves the outdoors and takes her yoga practice outdoors when she can. She is also a fan of 'breathwalking' and shares this breathing and walking technique with guests on her retreats. Bridget loves movement, nature, feeding people, sketching, photography and travel.

Book your place:

EARLY BIRD DEAL until April 4th

Book before April 4th and receive a bonus one-hour private online session worth £100 with either Bridget or Jimmy.

Contact Bridget for more information

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