How to use breath to find calm at your desk

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Using breath to find calm at your desk is the perfect antidote to stress build-up, poor desk posture and brain fog.

If you’re sitting at your desk and you feel overwhelmed by your workload or you’ve lost clarity, use your breath to find calm. When we are anxious, our breathing pattern changes becoming faster and more shallow. Our posture can change too, as we hunch over our keyboard, making breather harder and less free-flowing.

Simply sitting up straight, shaking out yours arms, and opening up your chest will immediately allow your breathing apparatus to function better. A few deep belly breaths is enough to take your body from an anxious, upper-chest breathing pattern to a pattern that informs the brain you are safe now.

Carving out moments in a busy work schedule to release tension in your body and to reconnect to your breathing helps centre you and increases your ability to focus.

Using Breath to Find Calm

With this guided breathing technique – practised sitting on a (desk) chair – I invite you to follow my voice as I lead you to a place of calm and clarity. The result is that you will:

✓ Calm your nervous system,

✓ Release tension from your body,

✓ Refocus your mind.



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