The Art of Contemplation

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Do you have a place of contemplation you visit regularly?

Unlike brainstorming which is an active practice, with a specific goal and often the sharing of brains, contemplation is a solitary practice and is “the act of looking attentively at anything.”

My place of contemplation is a section of sea wall on South Beach, Heacham. As I walk along the dunes to it, I imagine the day’s tension falling out of my muscles. I tune in to my five senses so that I become a part of my surroundings. When I arrive, I lie back or sit comfortably, and I contemplate the sea, the birds or simply the clouds in the sky.

In this state of increased awareness my mind moves from being a reactive to responsive mind as I become conscious of my thoughts and emotions. And I simply sit with them. Sometimes I have insights, sometimes I just enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. There is no set time, when I feel I’m ready, I rise and return home refreshed.

Perfecting the art of contemplation

I want to invite you to find time and a place to start cultivating the art of contemplation:

  • Pick a place in nature or an indoor space where there is relative quiet;
  • Use the walk there to shake out tight muscles & release tension;
  • Position yourself comfortably;
  • Recognise your connectedness with yourself & your surroundings
  • Be present in that time and space.
Art of contemplation

Let me know if you have a place you go to regularly to contemplate the wonders of life and if you don’t, I invite you to explore where you live until you find one.

Cultivating the art of contemplation is a very rewarding practice. Like anything, the more you do it the more it comes easily to you.

Try it – you will surprise yourself!

P.S. A place of contemplation can be anywhere. When I lived in Buenos Aires, I used to sit in a beautiful sprawling Catholic cemetery on the outskirts of the city! In Beijing, I had a tower on a wild part of the Great Wall as my special place.


Art of contemplation

The view from my place of contemplation

Norfolk yoga retreats

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